This is one of those places your remember in your old age and say, “Wasn’t that beautiful.” The two main selling points are location and location. It’s on the water for instant swimming and a beyond spectacular view. The interior has a modern small kitchen and small but tasteful bath with modern fixtures. The interior is thoughtfully and well decorated. The bedrooms have air conditioning while the living room does not, but generally breezes cooled the room slightly during the July I was there. The upstairs bedroom is romantic- two small windows overlook the sea. The water pressure in the bathroom is great and the beds and linens were comfortable. It is walking distance to two small beaches. It’s a peaceful, quiet and picturesque area. For Symi town you will need a car or cab. But who wants to go there too often when you can sit peacefully on the deck of this amazing property. Overall it was like living in a boat on land. Your spirit travelled across the vast lovely sea while your feet remained grounded.

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